Where to go?
Donostia-San Sebastián

Next to the sea:

  • El Peine del Viento beautiful Eduardo Chillida`s work, located at the end of Ondarreta beach.

  • The wonderful Bahía de la Concha where Queen María Cristina moved her court in the 19th century, beginning a time of great splendour for the city, that lasted until 1930.

Bahia de la Concha
Peine del Viento

Old Town:

  • The Constitution Square neoclassical style, it is the main square in the city and where are held the great festivals and events.

  • The Trinidad Square with its characteristic pelota court.

  • The Sarriegui Memorial author of San Sebastian`s hymn. The work consists of a bronze, life-size figure, dressed in a Napoleonic costume and next to a plaque where is written San Sebastian`s March lyrics.

  • The San Vicente Church in gothic in style, was built in the 16th century and it is perhaps the oldest temple in the city.

  • The Seaport has two docks; one´s for fishing boats and the other one for yachting. It is a picturesque port and here you can eat fresh and delicious fish.

Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian
Puerto pesquero Donostia

In the Urgull mountain:

  • The Santa Cruz de la Mota Castle stands on the top of Mount Urgull. The fortified complex is made up of several buildings, the most important is "El Macho", which was built on what was probably the original rock castle built in the 11th century. Today is crowned by the Sacred Heart and the entire mountain is a pedestrian area.


Modern City:

  • The Boulevard starts at Kursaal Bridge and ends at the City Hall.

  • Located near the port and next to The Concha beach, the design of Club Náutico reminds a stranded boat.

  • There are several bridges over the Urumea river but the María Cristina Bridge is the most elegant. It was built in 1904 in a record time of 9 months.

  • The Buen Pastor Cathedral neogothic style, with several decorative elements such as stained glass windows, gargoyles and pinnacles.

  • The Miramar Palace is an English style palace with neogothic decorative elements. It was built to be the residence of Queen María Cristina and it is currently, the headquarters of the summer courses at the Basque Country University.

Puente Kursaal
Palacio Miramar
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