Natural Spaces


Although, Basque Country is an industrialized region you will find some interesting natural spaces and ecosystems that still conserve their natural state.

There are many natural spaces but we want to suggest some of them to you. Basques are great lovers of mountains, trekking is widely practiced both summer and winter.

Notice that here, each mountain has its own name.

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Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve (Bizkaia)


It was declared Biosphere Reserve of Unesco in 1984. These 12 Km of sand forms the Gernika estuary. It has a great interest because it is a place where hibernate many migratory birds as: la graza real, el cormorán, el charrán, anátidas, espátulas, etc.

They are also interesting archaeological deposit like Santimamiñe where there are interesting cave painting.

Gorbeia-Gorbea (Araba y Bizkaia)


Somewhere between Alava and Bizkaia was declared a natural park in 1994 and it is the bigger one of the Basque Country. The park takes his name for the highest peak of 1,482 meters, The Gorbeia.

There are 3 different areas:

  • Southern slope: there are primitive forests of hague and here live big mammals like the deer, the roe deer, the wild boar, and birds like the eagle, the sparrowhawk, etc. In the clear water of Berries, Zubialde and Arratia rivers live the protected otter in extinction danger.

  • Northern slope: the main attraction is the small villages where you can find nice landscapes with a great cultural valour. There are old mills, foundries,house-tower.

  • High area: on the top we find interesting places like the Supelegor cave and see predatory birds.

Urkiola (Bizkaia)


The Urkiola charm resides in its rocky summits, its splendid forests and legends of witches (lamiak) that these places have inspired. There are species as: the dormouse and the fox.

Aiako Harria (Gipuzkoa)

Aiako Harria

It has a great geologic interest because, it is the only one granitic massif in the Basque Country.

There are interesting fauna as: Atlantic salmon, desmán, European mink, vulture, alimoche, real eagle, picogordo, wildcat, etc.

It has 16 recreational areas with refuge tables and sources spit roasters and other services.

Aralar (Gipuzkoa)


There are fantastic forests like the Akaitz-Sastarri's beech grove, forests of oak as Itaundieta and the oakwood of the north face of the Txindoki. This area is mainly dedicate to the shepherd (sheep latxa) and there are a great concentration of dolmens. It has also recreational areas and a youth hostel.